Delivery. On Demand.
We pick up and deliver documents, goods, bulky items, frozen food, and just about anything else that fits inside our vehicles.
Our Service Area

We proudly serve all 21 cities and municipalities in the Metro Vancouver area, as well as the western Fraser Valley (Mission & Abbotsford.)

Work outside of our service area is available if planned in advance. Contact our customer support team for more details!

How it works
Use our quick and painless delivery dashboard to get instant rates and manage your shipments in one place!
Pickup and Drop-off Location.

Enter the pickup and drop-off address. We ask for the name and phone number of somebody at each point.

Leave any special instructions as an order note!

Order Details

Enter the date and time your item(s) is ready.

You can also add a personal identifier (like a purchase order or invoice number) for your own records.

Package information

What are we delivering for you? An envelope? Boxes? Maybe something odd shaped? Choose the type that best suits your item(s) and tell us how big/heavy it is.

Vehicle Type and Service Speed

Do you have something awkward that needs to go in a larger vehicle?

Can this wait for later or do you need it to get delivered ASAP?

Pick your preferred vehicle type and service speed. Try out different combinations to discover potential savings!

Confirm and Pay

As soon as you are happy with your order, confirm it! We will send a driver as soon as possible.

Have lots of orders?

You can upload order data using an Excel file or a CSV file!

Match columns in your file with order attributes after upload, and update orders with any missing information on their own or in bulk!

Are you a retailer?

Is your business online?

Join our E-commerce integration beta program and offer Same Day Delivery Today!

We're developing native plugins for e-commerce platforms to help small and medium retail businesses offer a scaleable and reliable same day delivery option. No need to purchase vehicles or deal with hiring and scheduling drivers.

With RocketShip you only pay for the labour you need, when you need it.

We're well equipped!

Our operations are supported by a purpose-built platform that gives us the right tools and insights to deliver exceptional service.

We're always improving the tech at our disposal and looking for new ways to delight our customers.