Our Rates
Each delivery is priced in three parts
We pick up and deliver documents, goods, bulky items, frozen food, and just about anything else that fits inside our vehicles.
Base Rate

The base rate is determined by Service Level (speed of service) and Item Type. See the matrix below to see what our base rates are for different Service Level / Item Type combinations.


We charge a per-km fee. The rate per km is determined by what type of vehicle you prefer and the service level request. See below for different combinations.


We give you 20 pounds of weight free of charge. Each pound over 20 pounds costs an additional 10 cents. For Light and bulky items, we round the weight up to 20 pounds per cubic foot of volume. (To the nearest cubic inch.)

We add these up, and voila

Our Standard Tariff

We occasionally adjust these figures as necessary

Are you pretty busy?

We offer volume discounts and flat rate agreements.