Social purpose is our business
2% of every dollar we earn is put back into the community

We are committed to growing that figure. Pick from 3 different organizations to donate to.

Each quarter we identify a handful of organizations to support. Every time you are billed, you get to choose where your contribution goes.

Until the end of March, 2022, we're donating to:
Indian Residential School Survivor Society

"The Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS) is a provincial organization with a twenty-year history of providing services to Indian Residential School Survivors. The Indian Residential School Survivors Society began in 1994 as a working committee of the First Nations Summit. We were known as the Residential School Project, housed out of and as a part of the BC First Nations Summit. Our work was primarily to assist Survivors with the litigation process pertaining to Residential School abuses. In more recent years our work has expanded to include assisting the descendants of Survivors and implementing Community education measures (Indigenous & Non-Indigenous)."

BC Centre for Ability

"The BC Centre for Ability provides community-based services that enhance the quality of life for children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families in ways that facilitate and build competencies and foster inclusion in all aspects of life."

Access Pro Bono

"Every year, over 50,000 British Columbians call us for legal help. The support we receive from volunteer lawyers, administrative volunteers, funders, sponsors and individual donors allows us to provide critical legal services to individuals and families of limited means, and the non-profit organizations who serve them."